Changes to employment laws in Ireland in March 2019

Some new laws about employee rights apply from 4 March 2019 - thanks to the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018,

This is a plain English list of the main changes.

If you need more information, see a full explanation of the changes here.

Please note:  the Staff-Wanted network aren’t lawyers - and this is very simple description of the changes.   If you think there is a problem with these new laws and your job, then you need to check the details with a lawyer: do NOT rely on this article.)

What does the new law say

Most of the changes are for people who work part time, temporary or casual jobs - exactly the ones that are listed on Staff-Wanted.

Very roughly:

  • You must get a written contract within  five days
  • Zero hours contracts aren't allowed  (but there are exceptions)
  • If you're called, you should get at least three hours pay
  • If you work more hours than you contact says for 12 months, then your should be changed.
  • Minimum wage is basedon your age, not working time after age 18.

Read on for more details about how these rules will work.